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SAP Production Planning Made Easy With S/4HANA PP

Streamline your manufacturing processes with SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing. Embrace Production 4.0 efficiently.

Leverage agile SAP production solutions for planning and control to enhance your processes and strengthen your value chain. Achieve greater flexibility and shorter delivery times while maintaining reliable delivery performance—crucial advantages for manufacturing companies competing in the global market.

Our expertise in business administration, SAP, and production processes gives our customers a competitive advantage.

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Our Services and KPI for Your Business

  1. Comprehensive analysis of your production planning and manufacturing processes.
  2. Enhance your production planning through master data analysis and insights from numerous customer projects.
  3. CONSILIO pinpoints potential improvements across your process chain.
  4. We optimize your production supply using Kanban, Heijunka, and JIT methods.
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Maximize the advantages of production planning.

  • Increase the effectiveness of your entire supply chain.
  • Optimal use of your production and manufacturing capacities.
  • Transparency over your inventories, material flow, forecasts, orders, plans, production changes, and key figures.
  • Backlog-free planning with a mapping of the critical path and missing parts.
  • Reduce your work-in-progress inventory.

SAP PP Functionalities

  • Every company is unique, just like its manufacturing processes and production types.
  • SAP can accommodate various production types including mass, type, and series production, as well as make-to-order and project production.
  • It also offers comprehensive functionalities for the process industry.
  • The choice of production type influences your production logistics.
  • The most common production types are discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, and repetitive manufacturing.
  • Along with selecting the right production type, identifying and applying one or more demand strategies to your products is crucial.
  • A planning strategy is primarily used to schedule your production quantities and dates.
  • SAP provides preset demand strategies in the standard system, including make-to-stock production and planning with or without final assembly.
  • If standard options do not meet your needs, custom demand strategies can be implemented.
  • The foundation of a reliable and resilient production plan is rooted in accurate master data such as materials, bills of materials, work centers, routings/recipes, or line designs for repetitive manufacturing.
  • For medium and long-term production planning, forecasts are also incorporated.
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning aids in planning and determining future requirements.
  • Production Planning creates planned orders based on the receipt elements you choose to include.
  • To generate planned orders in the correct quantities, you can specify economic, minimum, or maximum lot sizes in the material master.
  • The MRP run is essential for your Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in SAP, with the MRP list alerting controllers to procurement bottlenecks through exception messages.

  • With the CONSILIO Logistics Alert Cockpit (LAC), you can display exception messages across multiple plants and MRP controllers with clarity and transparency that the standard SAP system doesn't offer.
  • Once an exception message is addressed, the dispatcher can set a permanent processing status in the LAC, enhancing transparency by adding comments on how the message was handled.
  • Edited messages are removed from the LAC overview unless specifically included through the selection mask.
  • The cockpit is customizable to meet specific needs, such as adjusting procedures through changes in prioritization.
  • The LAC offers more exception messages than the standard SAP system and presents them flexibly to the respective dispatcher.
  • It supports both English and German, and allows the creation and inclusion of custom exception messages.