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Our commitment lies in delivering comprehensive advice and supporting our clients' business success. Alongside our skilled specialists, we boast a robust partner network that specifically broadens our service spectrum with expertise for particular markets and sectors. Based on needs, our implementation partners enhance project teams during SAP project execution, demonstrating consulting skills on par with our staff. We also rely on a network of rollout partners to meet country-specific and local language needs.

These partners, both for software and rollout, provide solutions that frequently underpin the successful execution of projects.


Since CONSILIO's inception, our strategic partnership with SAP has been foundational to our consulting efforts. As a Gold Partner, we collaborate with SAP on new developments, gain insights into internal processes, and access exclusive resources. Additionally, we demonstrate our expertise and project experience through SAP® Recognized Expertise awards in S/4HANA, Supply Chain Planning and Logistics, and Financial Management. Authorized to sell and consult on Open Cloud Solutions and SAP S/4HANA, CONSILIO stands as a certified selling and service partner.


Bosch Global Software Technologies

With Bosch Global Software Technologies, CONSILIO has a partner that supports us as one of the world's leading providers of SAP technology and services as well as end-to-end engineering, IT and business solutions. Thanks to the close cooperation with the more than 2,500 experienced Bosch SAP specialists, we are able to successfully carry out large rollout projects such as S/4HANA- implementations for our customers. Especially when it comes to complying with local legal requirements, such as in Brazil or China, but also increasing global efficiency and minimising travel costs.

CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG

CPC, a multi-award-winning "hidden champion," stands as a premier change management consultancy both in Germany and globally. Serving as a trusted partner for corporate groups and upper medium-sized companies, CPC excels in crafting lasting changes. This is achieved through a comprehensive, client-focused strategy that encompasses three core competencies: People (human resource development), Projects (project management), and Organisation (organisational development/process management). CPC provides these services individually or as an integrated offering, known as "Change Management.CPC." Additionally, CPC Unternehmensmanagement AG is a proud founding member of the Germany Chapter of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). Further insights into change management within S/4HANA transformations are available.

Dassault Systèmes

The partnership with Dassault Systèmes and the implementation of DELMIA Quintiq enable us to analyse planning processes of our customers at all levels and to support a KPI-based optimisation of business objectives. As an implementation partner, we work closely with Dassault to integrate customer-specific requirements into the software solution and thus enable our customers to realise potential for increasing productivity.


ecosio is a leading provider of B2B integration, specialising in electronic data interchange (EDI), WebEDI, supplier portals and e-invoicing. With intelligent technologies and excellent service, ecosio accelerates B2B business processes and enables companies to implement all the advantages of automated message exchange with minimal effort.
EDI as a Service from ecosio is characterised by outstanding usability, seamless ERP integration and always available direct contact persons for each individual customer. Extensive expertise, 24/7 monitoring and excellent support ensure future-proof and worry-free B2B integration, precisely adapted to the technical and organisational requirements of the customer and its B2B partners - implemented via a single cloud-based connection to the ecosio Integration Hub.


NIMMSTA is changing intralogistics with Freehand Workflows and the first industrial Smart Watch combined with a simple pick-by-light solution. The NIMMSTA Ecosystem, consisting of a cloud-based software platform and integrated proprietary hardware, enables employees to interact with the system in a new way. The result is 80 per cent more efficient processes.


Through its partnership with Munich-based tech start-up Optiwiser A.I. Solutions, CONSILIO is adding forward-looking technologies to its portfolio of SAP solutions. The Predictwiser.Cloud solution is an AI-driven demand planning and inventory management software that gives companies access to state-of-the-art supply chain and operations management technologies. The fully automated software is driven by state-of-the-art AI technology to determine accurate demand and optimal inventory levels. The cloud solution can be used directly by any customer - without training, consulting services and, most importantly, without AI or supply chain experts on the team. You can read more about our partnership here.


The legal requirements for an ERP system are highly complex in countries like Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. This is exactly what ortevo has specialised in and offers customised solutions for SAP use for locations of customers from the DACH region in Latin America. The decisive factor is always to protect the efficiency and integrity of the global template while at the same time meeting local requirements. For this reason, ortevo has specialised 100 per cent in Latin America and its experienced consultants are available both in Europe and on site - in the respective national language and during the usual working hours.


SNP (ticker: SHF.DE) supports companies worldwide in unleashing the full potential of their data and shaping their own individual journey into a digital future. 
With the CrystalBridge® data excellence platform and the BLUEFIELD™ approach, SNP has created a comprehensive industry standard to restructure and modernise SAP systems faster and more securely and to realise data-driven innovations in the cloud.

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