Embark on a clear path to upgrading your SAP systems with CONSILIO's Assessment Packages. These packages are your gateway to a comprehensive system analysis, crucial for deciding between a brownfield or greenfield approach tailored to your company's needs in the market.

With CONSILIO Assessment Packages, position your business for success in your competitive landscape by choosing the smartest upgrade path to S/4HANA. Ensure your operations are not just optimized, but also aligned with the future of supply chain, manufacturing, and production planning.

Smart Package

Designed specifically for small to medium-sized enterprises with fewer than 500 employees operating in supply chain, manufacturing, and production planning, our Smart Package is your go-to solution for a swift and efficient transition to S/4HANA. In just 2-4 weeks, we offer a fast, thorough system analysis that identifies key areas for improvement, making it an indispensable tool in preparing for your S/4HANA project. 


Extended Package

If your business has over 500 employees and operates with complex, differentiated processes, the Extended Package is your ideal choice. Expanding on the Smart Package's foundation, it offers an in-depth analysis of your current processes and includes comprehensive Business Process Workshops. These workshops provide nuanced, actionable recommendations, ensuring a thorough preparation for your transition to S/4HANA. This package is crafted for larger enterprises seeking detailed insights and strategies for a seamless system upgrade.


Excellence Package

If your system landscape is diverse and consists of multiple ERP and finance systems, or if you rely on complex processes through external systems like SAP GTS, SAP APO, and others, the Excellence Package is designed for you. Tailored for businesses facing intricacies in their system setups, this package offers a comprehensive analysis of your entire system landscape and a deep dive into your processes. Our experts collaborate with you to define the project's scope, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique needs.