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The global supply chain is volatile and impacted by geopolitical shifts, environmental challenges, and intense competition. End-to-end visibility is not a luxury to navigate this complexity; it's a necessity. CONSILIO’s cloud-based SAP solutions illuminate every corner of your supply chain, ensuring that every risk is assessed and every opportunity is captured.

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Your Business Benefits

  • Integrated Planning across all Supply Chain Areas
  • Streamlined Supply Chain Planning across the Network
  • Alignment of Planning Efforts
  • Enhanced Sales and Distribution Visibility
  • Ensured Global Visibility across Supply Chain Planning

Embrace sustainability, enhance customer satisfaction, and precisely balance supply and demand. CONSILIO is not just about navigating the present; it's about building a resilient, future-proof manufacturing environment.

Transform your supply chain into a strategic asset with CONSILIO.

Expect More with CONSILIO

  • Added Value: Expect a tangible return on investment. Our strategic enhancements lead to significant cost reductions, faster time-to-market, and improved asset efficiency, directly benefiting your bottom line.


  • Process Expertise: Our comprehensive analysis of your systems—procurement, production, and distribution—results in customized, robust solutions. Anticipate a synergy that aligns with the specific needs and pace of the American manufacturing sector.

At Consilio, we value enduring relationships built on trust, excellence, and mutual growth. Our expansion into the US market underscores our dedication to delivering value-added services that go beyond traditional consulting, establishing us as your trusted partner.

Ivo Konecny, CONSILIO Consulting America Inc.

S/4HANA Manufacturing - Big Picture

Take Advantage of the fundamental changes and new Components in S/4HANA for your manufacturing.

Advanced Variant Configuration represents a significant evolution from LO-VC, introducing a new engine that redefines product configuration.

Highlights of the latest release:

  • Easier relations
  • Value-adding relations
  • State-of-the art modeling environment

SAP PEO seamlessly integrates various production stages, from design to production control, within a unified SAP framework, utilizing modern FIORI Apps. It streamlines:

  • Change management
  • Bill of materials management
  • Production process planning
  • Production order management
  • Complex production execution processes
  • Responsive Planning: DDMRP adapts planning to meet real-time customer demands, separating value-adding processes to enhance supply chain resilience.
  • Smart Inventory Management: Adjusts inventory buffers dynamically, ensuring efficient inventory levels and smooth material flow.
  • MRP Live boosts business efficiency through quicker scheduling and planning.

  • Its significantly enhanced performance allows for rapid adjustments to demand changes and facilitates an effective match between supply and demand.

  • Track Resource Use: Keep an eye on how your resources are used and spot any changes in workload for both Production Planning (PP) workstations and PP/Detailed Scheduling (DS) resources.
  • Optimize Production Plans: Utilize the "Advanced Planning" feature on the production planning board to develop a practical production schedule.
  • Seamless Transition: The Visual Manufacturing Planner facilitates the transfer of parts lists from design to production, providing visual structuring tools.
  • Enhanced Planning: Boost your production planning with 3D visualization and scenario management capabilities.
  • Integrated Operations: Break down barriers between development and production, incorporating quality management, maintenance, and change management into a unified process.
  • Demand Fulfillment: Ensure inventory is adequately planned to meet both external demands and customer needs efficiently.
  • Supply Security: Monitor material supply, taking swift action to prevent shortages or minimize excess inventory, maintaining seamless production flow.
  • Streamlined Order Management: Use cockpits for creating or editing production orders and solving issues, offering immediate access to essential functions and component details.
  • Efficient Production Oversight: Monitor execution, report operations, and manage material provisioning efficiently with readily available information like work center specifics.
  • Predictive Insight: Predictive MRP, a strategic forecasting tool, identifies potential capacity or inventory shortages and proposes viable alternatives.
  • Proactive Optimization: Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline inventory by early detection of issues, factoring in trends and seasonal shifts.
  • Disruption Mitigation: Analyze production data in relation to capacities and supply sources to circumvent critical situations, adapting through measures like adjusting shift schedules or revising supplier relations.
  • Advanced Planning Capabilities: Extended production planning provides a range of algorithms and functions tailored for complex scenarios across various industries.
  • Enhanced MRP Outcomes: Utilize heuristics and optimizers for finite planning to smooth capacities and ensure timely deliveries to customers.
  • Insightful Monitoring Tools: Employ diverse planning boards to easily view transactions, quantity, terminal values, and identify capacity overloads.

Digital Innovation Magazine: Synchronized Planning with SAP IBP & PP/DS

In this Digital Innovation Magazine article, CONSILIO shows how users can proactively respond to short-term, unpredictable market situations using advanced SAP solutions such as Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and PP/DS.

CONSILIO contributed to the cover story in Digital Innovation Magazine, published by SAP under the theme "Keep the World Running with SAP Digital Supply Chain." The feature titled "What to do when turnover and production fall apart?" highlights how companies can proactively address short-term, unpredictable market conditions using modern SAP solutions and Synchronized Planning—particularly with Integrated Business Planning and PP/DS.


To fully leverage SAP's capabilities for digital supply chain management, key modules like Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) are crucial. SAP IBP tackles pressing issues such as market share erosion, excess inventory, and fragmented supply chain communications with a unified, cloud-based planning platform.

This solution encompasses real-time demand, inventory, and capacity planning, utilizing advanced forecasting and optimization algorithms to boost efficiency in production, distribution, and procurement.

It aims to balance production utilization, inventory levels, delivery service, and profitability, thus enhancing overall business performance. SAP IBP removes technical silos, providing a seamless planning experience supported by SAP HANA. This enables extensive model management, simulation capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and complete visibility.

American manufacturing professionals considering SAP IBP can anticipate significant benefits, including faster decision-making, a single source of truth for financial transactions, and enhanced process efficiency.

Through real-world examples from leading companies, SAP IBP's capability to transform supply chain management into a strategic competitive advantage is evident.

Whether it's through new implementations, system conversions, or integrating SAP Central Finance, SAP IBP offers a pathway to modernizing supply chains for today's digital world.

With decades of experience and a proven track record gained with long-standing clients, our team at Consilio is uniquely positioned to drive innovation in your manufacturing and production planning processes. We are more than consultants; we are your strategic allies.

Christoph Habla, Head of IBP Consilio