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Project Management tailored by Consilio

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At the core of successful SAP transformations—be it the shift to S/4HANA, cloud migration, or introducing new SAP products—lies the SAP Activate methodology, refined by Consilio. Our approach ensures projects are completed on time, within budget, and with superior quality.

Consilio's specialists blend deep SAP functionality with technical expertise, industry insights, and business process acumen to tailor the SAP Activate framework specifically for your company. We enhance the methodology, tools, and content of SAP Activate by selecting effective accelerators, like WRICEF templates, and integrating Consilio's own best practices for advanced planning and scheduling (PP/DS) and integrated business planning (IBP), among others. This customization guarantees that every project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Enhanced SAP Activate with Consilio's Custom Touch

Additional customized tools and accelerators
Established Best Practices and Streamlined Solutions
Predefined Templates
Optimized project methodology

SAP Activate, Customized by Consilio: A Project Management Blueprint

Consilio’s adaptation of SAP Activate combines proven SAP technologies and methodologies with our extensive project management experience. This creates a bespoke guideline that perfectly aligns with each company's unique processes and goals.

Leveraging SAP's established technologies and methodologies, Consilio has refined SAP Activate into a project management guide enriched with our years of expertise. This customization allows for a perfect adaptation to each customer's specific processes, ensuring a tailored fit and optimal results.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Fülleborn, Managing Consultant Consilio

The Consilio methodology enhanced SAP Activate with key improvements to streamline and optimize project management for our clients:

  • Strategic Recommendations: We provide tailored advice for establishing effective project management frameworks, ensuring each client’s setup is both efficient and aligned with their goals.
  • Simplified Methodology: By refining SAP's comprehensive methodologies, we focus on keeping the approach pragmatic and straightforward, cutting through complexity to deliver clarity and ease of use.
  • Customized Templates: We carefully preselect and filter project management tools, such as MS PowerPoint and Excel templates for status reports and tracking open points. These templates are then customized as needed to perfectly fit the specific needs of each project, enhancing organization and communication.

CONSILIO Content Templates and Best Practices:

  • Preselection / filtering and, if necessary, adaptation of workstream templates (e.g. WRICEF templates in the design and configuration workstream)
  • Further development of standard best practices through CONSILIO best practices (e.g. SAP Investment Management IM), which include customizing and process documentation
  • Refined standard process models that are more precise and detailed compared to those delivered by SAP
  • Ensuring the connection and integration of best practices to encompass end-to-end processes

CONSILIO Tools Alternatives:

Alternative Tools to Facilitate the Transition

If clients already have tools selected for their projects, Consilio considers these requirements and tailors SAP Activate to meet their needs. Examples of areas and typical tools include:

  • Project Management Software: Use tools such as Jira, MS Planner, or MS Project instead of SAP Cloud ALM for project management.
  • Collaboration/Learning: Opt for a client-specific learning platform like Moodle instead of SAP Enable Now for collaboration and learning needs.
  • Process Modeling / Documentation: Employ SAP Cloud ALM or other modeling platforms like SAP Signavio or MID Innovator for process modeling and documentation.

Addressing Your Challenges


  • Guided by our experts, you'll excel in selecting the right projects to bundle into a cohesive program. Our strategic advice ensures your project portfolio aligns with your goals.
  • We collaborate with you to establish achievable project timelines, considering resource availability. This planning phase is crucial for setting attainable goals.
  • Our experts aid in the efficient allocation and management of your project's budget and resources. This coordination ensures optimal use of your assets.
  • With proficiency in overseeing the interplay between projects, we help you identify and resolve potential bottlenecks and risks, ensuring smoother project progression.
  • Leverage established standards for quality assurance and implementation support. Our assistance in these areas enhances the success and integrity of your project program.

Navigating the Rising Demands in Project Management

  • With Consilio, transition smoothly from project initiation to completion, utilizing extensive methodological expertise. This holds true whether you're launching a new product or restructuring your organization.
  • To balance cost optimization with sustainability, we prioritize clear communication, transparent coordination, and value analysis in project management. Our proficiency in standards like PMI is complemented by a commitment to tailoring processes to the unique needs of each client and project.
  • Navigating the diverse landscape of project management approaches, from traditional to modern, our seasoned experts guide you in choosing the method that best aligns with your project's complexities.

Leverage our expertise to confidently address the evolving demands of project management.

Transforming IT and Digital Processes into Key Success Drivers

  • Our team, rich in experience with refining, modernizing, and integrating IT systems, expertly digitizes your process requirements. This solid foundation allows you to confidently manage the evolution and operation of your IT systems, meeting and exceeding rising quality standards.

  • We offer guidance on managing the complexity inherent in IT projects, facilitating effective collaboration across various departments and specialists. Our approach ensures smooth and efficient operations.

  • With Consilio's consultancy, your processes are digitized to keep you ahead in a competitive landscape. Our focus on digital transformation positions your business as a leader in efficiency and innovation.

Consilio's consultants specialize in digitizing your processes, positioning you a step ahead of the competition.